Sunday, November 8, 2009

Crystals to use with our Animal Friends

This article was written by Summer Lane, shes my assistant and she works with Animals, Crystals and Animal Spirits. She wrote this article for our newsletter for November and I thought I'd share it here :)

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Crystals to use with our Animal Friends

te for training problems, low vitality, anorexia, arthritis and rheumatism.

Rose Quartz for healing the heart, past abuse, rescued animals, cruelty, fear anger and aggression and stress related asthma.

Carnelian for depression, weakness during illness, training problems, poor apatite, low energy, lack of focus and sad or elderly animals.

Amethyst for grief, fear, disorientation, panic attacks, longing for, separation anxiety and bereavement.

The above stones are helpful for your animals and the symptoms that are given. Next month Sami will be sharing some gemstone and crystal animal healing charms to share with everyone so stay tunes for those. In the meanwhile if you would like to contact her about getting a specific charm for your fur baby, email her at to inquire.

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