Saturday, January 17, 2009

Crystal Shape - Spheres

Since I have become a "Rock-Adoption-Agency" as I so lovingly call my business, I have gotten a lot of questions from people about the different shapes of crystals and what they mean.

So I have decided to start a series of blogs here about the different crystal shapes, so people following can learn about the different shapes and why they might want to use a certain shape for a particular reason.

I will randomly add a new shape, either natural formation or cut shape to the blog, I will begin each one with Crystal Shape - (Insert Shape) so if you want to look at all of them just search for those blogs that start with that or in the tags click on Crystal Shapes to find them :)

Crystal balls, also known as crystal spheres, represent the Universe and all within it.
Spheres represent the whole person. They send energy in all directions and are the most unified of all crystal shapes.

Some uses for spheres are in places of group gatherings either small or large, offices, healing rooms etc. Spheres have also been used to purify and fill the gaps in the auric field. Small spheres can be used in ones healing practice and place in the body or over the chakras to balance. Larger spheres are for scrying or radiating of energy in its presence. Spheres aare known as windows to faraway places and can assist one with observing the ethereal realms or accessing the Akashic Records.

Crystal Balls are known to move energy in all directions so having a crystal ball on your altar or in a space that you want to fill with that crystal or gemstones energy then putting a crystal sphere there is a great way to do that!

The above picture is of an Angelite sphere!

You can find more crystal spheres on my website

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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Metaphysical Healing Properties of Rhodochrocite

Metaphysical Healing Properties of Rhodochrosite

Rhodochrosite, sometimes spelled rhodochrocite also, is a often a pink stone, but can be red, orange tan or brown as well. It often times has veins of white or even tan traveling through it, it can be clear or solid in nature.
Rhodochrosite is known as a very loving and high energy stone. As Melody calls it in her
book, '
Love is in the Earth', it is "the stone of love and balance". This stone has many
wonderful attributes to it, one being it can easily balance and align your physical, emotional and spiritual bodies with one another. It is a wonderful healer to the heart chakra and will gently open and purify your base and sacral and solar plexus chakras as well.

Rhodochrosite is also used in meditation, when it is used to meditate with one can feel much peace and tranquility in their meditation. It is said that it can connect you with your twin soul when used in meditation and put you in a golden sphere of ecstasy.

Rhodochrosite is an excellent stone for love and relationships. It is also wonderful for those that don't feel love or loved. It is said to attract a soul mate to the holder, but not necessarily a soul ate that is full of passions, and happiness, but rather one that is what is needed for the individual on a soul level. Sometimes our soul mates are not what we perceive to be the most joyful of relationships we have, but they are necessary for the growth of our souls.

Rhodochrosite is wonderful at lifting ones mood and lightening up their attitudes. People find it hard to stay depressed when wearing or carrying a piece of Rhodochrosite with them. It vibrates a strong loving energy that it is hard to feel negativity in its presence. It also acts as a wonderful healer to the emotional body Allowing one face the truth about oneself and others, but with a loving and positive awareness, not a negative one.

Physically Rhodochrosite will help to heal migraines if placed at the top of the spine. It also purifies the circulatory system, kidneys and invigorates the sexual organs.

This stone has been instrumental for me in my own healing and connecting to the true meaning of love. I just love this stone, even looking at it is calming and peaceful. I suggest that all healers have this in their healing tool kit.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Fifteen Healing Crystals for Pets and Animals

Fifteen Healing Crystals for Pets and Animals

  • AMETHYST - Master Healer – Used for Everything. Pain, Disorientation, Head area

  • BLACK ONYX - Bowels, Parasites, Protection

  • CALCITE - Skeletal

  • CARNELIAN - Skin

  • CLEAR QUARTZ - Master Healer - Effective for All Conditions

  • CORAL - Kidneys, Bladder

  • FLUORITE - (blue) Bones, (blue/green or clear) Respiration, (green) Blood Purification or Lymphs, (green/yellow) Digestion

  • GARNET - Reproductive System

  • HEMATITE - Muscular System

  • KYANITE - Alignment of all Chakras, Tendons, or Bones

  • MALACHITE (DO NOT PERMIT YOUR PET OR ANIMAL TO EAT THIS STONE!! Malachite has very high levels of copper and can lead to serious or fatal blood poisoning even if small amounts are swallowed. FOR EXTERNAL USE ONLY.) - Used for Heart Problems, Liver Detoxification.

  • ROSE QUARTZ - Injuries, Wounds, Reduces Stress

  • SMOKEY QUARTZ - Nervous System, Swellings

  • SODALITE - Calming, Nervousness, Good for Settling Down During Travel

  • SUGILITE - Death and Dying

  • TURQUOISE - Master Healer – Used for Everything. Protection

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