Friday, February 19, 2010

Metaphysical Healing Properties of Sunstone

Metaphysical Healing Properties of Sunstone

Sunstone is a stone of benevolence strength, mental clarity, openness and warmth. They are also leadership qualities of Sunstone as well. People who are held back by fears and self-doubt would do well to use Sunstone and invite it into their life. Those that feel called to lead in different situations in life would do well to use Sunstone to help their leadership abilities. It helps one to develop self-discipline and the plan and move forward on ideas and thoughts that may not exactly the norm of things or how things are typically done.

Sunstone has a wonderful ability to reveal ego base desires and motivations that are not for the highest good. Because of this Sunstone is a great stone to use when dealing with business situations due to its ability to reveal honesty and truthfulness and expose dishonesty.

Sunstone works beautiful with Moonstone. It is the yang of the Moonstone's yin energy. When they are worn together they create perfect harmony.

This mineral is used to both clear and energize the chakras and also helps to brighten the chakras when one is down or dim. It is being used to encourage originality and provide luck and games. It also helps to encourage independence and people. Sunstone is also helpful in releasing ties to one another that are not of the highest good. By placing it on the chakras or put it in your aura. One can help to remove energy drawing or "energy hooks" from other people. It is helpful for people that have a difficult time saying no and are continually making sacrifices or other people. It detaches you from the feeling of feeling the need to help people more than you should.

Sunstone is helpful in reducing stomach ulcers and chronic sore throats. It has also been used to help athletes healed cartilage problems aching feet and spinal problems.

Sunstone is associated with the astrological sign of Libra & Leo
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