Friday, July 31, 2009

Crystal Shape - Power Stones

Power Stones are large stones that can be polished on all sides, or can be in raw form. The purpose of having a power stone is to bring you a lot of energy of that particular type of gemstone that it is created out of, to you or your environment. You can use your power stones in healing or in meditation. Also power stones fit nicely in the whole of your hand, not just the palm like a little stone would.

Power stones are a perfect way to have the energy of that particular stone overflowing in the room! They tend to radiate energy outward from the center when placed in a room. Power stones are helpful at creating a shield of energy in any particular area. They are great placed on your desk or on or around your healing room as they radiate energy in a bubble around them.
I particularly like power stones because they are a nice size and can be used in many different ways. I also like that they are not easily misplaced like the little stones can be! Power stones also look beautiful sitting on the shelf. To me a size of a stone is not the most important thing about the stone, but since power stones tend to be larger they have a very amplified energy to them and when I charge one with Reiki it just seems to pour out from the stone in an almost palatable way. 

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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Focus & Grounding Stones

I haven't been writing as much as I usually do the last couple months. At first I thought maybe it was just Mercury going retrograde and then that passed and then I thought wow, maybe I have writers block! I don't think thats it, as much as I have been sooooo attracted to these high energy stones. Stuff like scolecite, optical calcite and even this amazing clear obsidian stone that I found.. (I know for me that's a weird one) I have been carrying them around with me and sleeping with them, no wonder I am so flighty lately, I need some earthy energy!

Anyhow, I think I figured it all out.... It wasn't an outside influence over me, but rather these high energy stones helping me (who needs no help at this anyhow) live in my head even more. I really truly love the higher thinking and awareness of it all, it really helps me sort out things, but for writing purposes and focusing it isn't very productive!

So for today's blog I will be describing some of the stones that I love to help me through this weird transit of my life that I have been going through and help me get my feet back on the ground (as well as becoming more organized again!)

For starters one of my all time favorite stones that I use to help keep me grounded and feet firmly embedded into the surface of the earth is black tourmaline. Now I have heard someone tell me that they did NOT like black tourmaline, so this may be something you have to play with, but I personally LOVE it. I used to wear something black tourmaline CONSTANTLY, and now that I think about it, duh, the last couple months I haven't... I think that should tell me something as well as how floaty I have been.

Other really good stones to help you remain grounded, if black tourmaline isn't for you, are, snowflake obsidian and melanite which is a type of garnet, but its black (good stuff there) Snowflake Obsidian is great at bringing an earthy peaceful energy around, and melanite helps you be "real" to yourself and others, in that it helps you ground and then face stuff. Sometimes we can get grounded but not want to work on our stuff, just focus on the negatives instead of the positives.. Well melanite helps one to face that stuff in a grounded-healing sort of way!
I wouldn't suggest that you use just plain black obsidian (and of course this is my opinion), but to me black obsidian feels "too" earthy, if there is such a thing. It almost brings me down too much, just to a state of being boring-ish. Being the very airy person I typically am anyhow, this is something that makes me just feel too blah.. Of course others may have a different opinion on black obsidian, this is just mine.

Also, since my focus has been a little off, not only does that correlate to being ungrounded and having to do with being in love with the higher energy stones, it means I have too much floaty energy around me right now... So what I want to do is put to use some of that "over" energy and focus into an area for myself. The best stone for me to do this is fluorite. It is a great stone to have with you when you need your attention on something. For me, my attention is usually a computer, and well, fluorite also helps eliminate the EMF that comes from computers, so its specifically good for that! Which leads me to remembering to bathe my stones in the moonlight tonight!

I do have to be somewhat careful with fluorite, as not to actually sleep with it on me (I have lots of fluorite in my jewelery) because it gives me weird and vivid dreams. When I am writing or focused in an area, fluorite is the one to help me stay on task, but when I am asleep its too much for me. It is actually one of my biggest sellers in the store too. I think probably because of its beauty but I also think intuitively people know what they need and radiated towards that! (except me with the scolecite LOL)

So,,,,, I wonder, what are other peoples stones to use to focus and ground? I would love to hear....

With feet firmly planted on the ground and in some focused-lunar-eclipse-energy.... Starlene

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