Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Metaphysical Healing Properties of Malachite

Metaphysical healing properties of Malachite

Malachite is a powerful stone for warding off negative energies and protection against them. Malachite was named after “mallow” which is Greek for a green herbaceous plant. This stone is helpful to strengthen our ability in taking action on our thoughts and desires. Malachite is strongly connected to the heart chakra radiating a healthy energy pattern for the heart. It's my feeling that malachite diminishes the negative energy around you, replacing it with healing heart energy – which allows you to have the strength, confidence and willpower to go after your own heart's desire.

Because of malachite powerful energy to release the negative, replacing it with positive energy, I feel that malachite is a wonderful tool for someone that is leading a group of light workers. It helps one to feel confident in their at in this release the ego base motivations, and stay true to the integrity of one's direction. Whenever I feel myself feeling unsure, I will meditate with my malachite to gain my inner strength again.

Malachite is a powerful tool that should not be taken lightly, if you are ready to work on yourself than malachite can be very helpful in facilitating that process. If you're not ready to face and reveal things within yourself, then maybe it's best for you to leave malachite until you are ready. If you're not sure if you're ready or not, hold onto a piece of malachite in meditation and ask your higher self to guide you in that process.

Malachite should be cleansed often, which can be as simple as washing it under with running water or leaving it in the moonlight for a night. Because malachite absorbs negative energy. You should do this often, especially if working with the malachite often.

Malachite is very grounding and is a wonderful stone for helping with manifesting your desires. It can help you to burn through the fog of emotional confusion and find the strength within yourself. I love to use malachite in conjunction with appetite to tap into my creative ideas, organize my ideas, and put them into action!

Malachite is connected to the astrological sun sign of Scorpio and Capricorn.

~Starlene Brieter RMT
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Monday, November 12, 2012

XL Titanium Aura Quartz Geode – Reiki Blessed Crystal Gemstone – 5210

★ This beautiful Titanium Aura Quartz Geode, has some of the most amazing gold colors to it! I bless it with Reiki energy too, so it will feel really lovely wherever you have it sitting!
This beautiful geode is a perfect conduit for positive, vibrant energy, so if you are in need of some of that — then maybe this is the crystal for you! Be sure to click the link below to read the metaphysical healing properties of this gemstone that I have written .

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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Metaphysical Healing Properties of Unakite

Metaphysical Healing Properties of Unakite

Unakite is made up of different mottled rocks consisting of plain feldspar, quartz and green epidote so those attributed of those stones are also important when working with unakite. Metaphysically speaking you can use unakite like all of those above mentioned stones as well as what I describe below :)

Unakite is a stone of visions. Unakite is particularly good for helping one stimulate and open their third eye for deeper visions and psychic work. Unakite helps to provide a gentle release of blockages that have been inhibiting your growth. I recommend this is an important tool in any healers personal "toolbox" of gemstones.

Unakite is also known to absorb the "electromagnetic smog" given off by computers, monitors, television sets etc, so placing unakite near a computer or other electronic thing, it will help to clear the air!

Unakite is also awesome in connecting the lower and higher heart chakras, and brining healing and peace to the heart and circulatory system. It also can assist one in staying grounded through meditation and other work like that. It also helps pregnant women stay healthy and the female (and male) reproductive system, so unakite would make a wonderful gift for someone expecting!

Gardeners also love unakite as it helps gardens and protects them from disease. To me Unakite has a really loving, peaceful and calm energy to it.

Unakite can also help one in gaining weight. It helps the weight go to the"right" places in a healthy manor.

Unakite is associated with the astrological sign of Scorpio.

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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Gemstones to Bring You Love!

Crystals to draw Love into your Life

Are you looking to find a soul mate?

Do you already have your soul mate and want to spice things up in the bedroom?
How about looking for a little more self love?

Crystals and gemstones can help you with all these things, and more!
When you feel good inside, you attract experiences that feel good to you. The old saying, like attracts like, is truly a wise old saying! The happier and more loving you feel inside the more happy and loving your outer world and experiences will be.
There are many techniques that you can do to attract more love into your life. Using crystals with some of those techniques will help to enhance the power of those things. For one, you can place gemstones or crystals in your environment to help shift your energy and release blockages in your spirit body. Larger crystals are wonderful for this type of thing. Crystals such as spheres, eggs, pyramids or clusters are great for radiating energy in a room or space.

Carrying around a pocket stone on you as a reminder to feel loving and happy is another good trick. I like to carry certain gemstones around with me every day, depending on what I feel I need for that day. If I am thinking about working on love issues, I will carry one of the love stones with me. I will give some examples of those stones, in a moment.

You can also say your affirmations while holding a crystal or gemstone. I suggest that you do this while looking into a mirror at yourself, holding on to your gemstone, and stating affirmations like:

“I am a loving being and radiate love outward.”
“I attract love into my everyday experience.”
“I am open to receiving love from the perfect man/woman for me.”
“Love is all around me, I feel it everywhere!”

Or you can make up your own affirmation, the most important thing to remember with affirmations is to keep them positive and state them in the present tense.

You can also place crystals or gemstones under your pillow or on your night stand. If you are like me, you may want to just hold them in your hand while you sleep. By doing this while you sleep the energy of the crystal has hours of time to integrate into your energy field. This enhances the power of the gemstone or crystal in your life.
The realm of crystal and gemstone work is very unlimited to your imagination so let your heart run free with this one!

Some gemstones that I love to use for the purpose of love are as follows:
Rhodochrosite is a great stone to help open the heart chakra and bring love and hope to a feeling of sadness or despair. If you are worried about never feeling “in love” again, or like you will never meet “the one”, then rhodochrosite will help you to release that fear and embrace the open loving heart energy.

Rose Quartz is an all around loving stone, it helps to open your heart chakra and restores trust between you and your lover. It is also a great stone to help you to feel self-love, which in my opinion is the beginning point to any love, one must love themselves first.

Jasper helps to stimulate your libido, allowing your sexual organs to wake up and spice up your love life. Red Jasper helps you feel less inhibited and passionate, so if your feeling the need to spice things up in the bedroom, then Red Jasper is the stone for you!

Chiastolite is a great stone for transforming conflict into a loving harmony. You can lay a piece of chiastolite on a picture of someone you are in a relationship with that the relationship is not doing so good and the chiastolite will help to transform the relationship into a more harmonious relationship.

These are some of the gemstones that I would suggest you use in your desire to attract love into your life, of course there are many others that work too. I think it is important to remember that having a positive outlook on things is key to working with gemstones and crystals. Their energies are often subtle but powerful and healing at the same time.

I am a crystal and gemstone worker, I use them with clients on a daily basis and teach others how to use them. Feel free to contact me if you have questions or are in need of any of these stones. I have a website and sell many different Reiki energized stones for this purpose and am happy to counsel you on how to use them in your life and what stones would be good for you.

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Love and Happiness!
Starlene Breiter RMT

Friday, March 5, 2010

Crystal Shape - Obelisks

Obelisks are tall narrow four sided stones that have a pyramid shape at the top.

Because of the pyramid at the top they can be used to direct energy in a healing grid. You can use the apex of the pyramid to direct energy or placing the obelisk in your environment will help energy to radiate outward from the stone into the area it is placed. Obelisks were also prominent parts of ancient Egyptian architecture, the ancient

Egyptians placed them at the entrance of the temples. Many ancient obelisks can be found in parks throughout the world. There is a certain mystical sort of feel to the obelisks!

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Namaste & Happy Rockin' Starlene Breiter

Monday, March 1, 2010

Crystals to Aid Depression

Got the blahs?
Feeling low on energy and not sure where to start to turn that blah feeling around?

Well what I do is turn to my crystals and mineral friends,,, but then again I turn to them in most cases.

Why you ask?

Because it works!

Here is a little list of some gemstones that I may use to help turn the blahs around and why I would use them... Try working with them in different combinations, and remember that everyone has a little bit of a different reaction to crystal and gemstone energies. Sooo if you feel like using something totally different, I say go for it!

Rhodochrosite - It is one of my favorite soothers of jumpy or anxiety energy... It helps calm me down and open my heart chakra. Place it on your chest or wear a piece of rhodochrsite necklace and see calm and peaceful you feel.

Malachite - This one helps to absorb the negative energies that may be surrounding you and it is also a powerful heart activator. Just make sure you cleanse it often because it absorbs the negative energy.

Black Tourmaline - This stone helps to put your feet back on the ground. A lot of times I see people are depressed because they feel ungrounded, this stone is a happy stone that will help you feel like your feet are firmly planted on mother earth. You can also use tourmalinated quartz for the same reason too!

Rutilated Quartz - This one helps you get some energy flowing... If you have been feeling sluggish, then this is the stone for you. Rutilated quartz opens and activates the energy chakras of your spiritual body and helps get things moving along again!

Garnet - Aside from this being my birthstone and I almost always have some garnet on me somewhere,,, it is a great stone to help aid in depression. It brings emotional balance to the person drawn to it and also encourages the person to be courageous. Anyone that has gone through depression cycles,, knows it takes courage to get out of it!

So those are some of my favorites to work with when I am feeling a little low on energy or have gone through my depressed cycles. I think it is most important to remember that whatever it is you are going through is only temporary and when you go through it, know that it will soon pass. Working with some crystals may likely help you and get that time to pass a little quicker!

Feel free to contact me if you have questions or are in need of any of these stones. I sell these and 100's more on my website www.rocksandreiki.com

Peace and Happiness!
Starlene Breiter RMT

Friday, February 19, 2010

Metaphysical Healing Properties of Sunstone

Metaphysical Healing Properties of Sunstone

Sunstone is a stone of benevolence strength, mental clarity, openness and warmth. They are also leadership qualities of Sunstone as well. People who are held back by fears and self-doubt would do well to use Sunstone and invite it into their life. Those that feel called to lead in different situations in life would do well to use Sunstone to help their leadership abilities. It helps one to develop self-discipline and the plan and move forward on ideas and thoughts that may not exactly the norm of things or how things are typically done.

Sunstone has a wonderful ability to reveal ego base desires and motivations that are not for the highest good. Because of this Sunstone is a great stone to use when dealing with business situations due to its ability to reveal honesty and truthfulness and expose dishonesty.

Sunstone works beautiful with Moonstone. It is the yang of the Moonstone's yin energy. When they are worn together they create perfect harmony.

This mineral is used to both clear and energize the chakras and also helps to brighten the chakras when one is down or dim. It is being used to encourage originality and provide luck and games. It also helps to encourage independence and people. Sunstone is also helpful in releasing ties to one another that are not of the highest good. By placing it on the chakras or put it in your aura. One can help to remove energy drawing or "energy hooks" from other people. It is helpful for people that have a difficult time saying no and are continually making sacrifices or other people. It detaches you from the feeling of feeling the need to help people more than you should.

Sunstone is helpful in reducing stomach ulcers and chronic sore throats. It has also been used to help athletes healed cartilage problems aching feet and spinal problems.

Sunstone is associated with the astrological sign of Libra & Leo
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