Friday, March 5, 2010

Crystal Shape - Obelisks

Obelisks are tall narrow four sided stones that have a pyramid shape at the top.

Because of the pyramid at the top they can be used to direct energy in a healing grid. You can use the apex of the pyramid to direct energy or placing the obelisk in your environment will help energy to radiate outward from the stone into the area it is placed. Obelisks were also prominent parts of ancient Egyptian architecture, the ancient

Egyptians placed them at the entrance of the temples. Many ancient obelisks can be found in parks throughout the world. There is a certain mystical sort of feel to the obelisks!

You can find obelisks on my website... the obelisk in the picture is made of black amethyst..

Namaste & Happy Rockin' Starlene Breiter

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