Monday, March 1, 2010

Crystals to Aid Depression

Got the blahs?
Feeling low on energy and not sure where to start to turn that blah feeling around?

Well what I do is turn to my crystals and mineral friends,,, but then again I turn to them in most cases.

Why you ask?

Because it works!

Here is a little list of some gemstones that I may use to help turn the blahs around and why I would use them... Try working with them in different combinations, and remember that everyone has a little bit of a different reaction to crystal and gemstone energies. Sooo if you feel like using something totally different, I say go for it!

Rhodochrosite - It is one of my favorite soothers of jumpy or anxiety energy... It helps calm me down and open my heart chakra. Place it on your chest or wear a piece of rhodochrsite necklace and see calm and peaceful you feel.

Malachite - This one helps to absorb the negative energies that may be surrounding you and it is also a powerful heart activator. Just make sure you cleanse it often because it absorbs the negative energy.

Black Tourmaline - This stone helps to put your feet back on the ground. A lot of times I see people are depressed because they feel ungrounded, this stone is a happy stone that will help you feel like your feet are firmly planted on mother earth. You can also use tourmalinated quartz for the same reason too!

Rutilated Quartz - This one helps you get some energy flowing... If you have been feeling sluggish, then this is the stone for you. Rutilated quartz opens and activates the energy chakras of your spiritual body and helps get things moving along again!

Garnet - Aside from this being my birthstone and I almost always have some garnet on me somewhere,,, it is a great stone to help aid in depression. It brings emotional balance to the person drawn to it and also encourages the person to be courageous. Anyone that has gone through depression cycles,, knows it takes courage to get out of it!

So those are some of my favorites to work with when I am feeling a little low on energy or have gone through my depressed cycles. I think it is most important to remember that whatever it is you are going through is only temporary and when you go through it, know that it will soon pass. Working with some crystals may likely help you and get that time to pass a little quicker!

Feel free to contact me if you have questions or are in need of any of these stones. I sell these and 100's more on my website

Peace and Happiness!
Starlene Breiter RMT

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