Friday, July 31, 2009

Crystal Shape - Power Stones

Power Stones are large stones that can be polished on all sides, or can be in raw form. The purpose of having a power stone is to bring you a lot of energy of that particular type of gemstone that it is created out of, to you or your environment. You can use your power stones in healing or in meditation. Also power stones fit nicely in the whole of your hand, not just the palm like a little stone would.

Power stones are a perfect way to have the energy of that particular stone overflowing in the room! They tend to radiate energy outward from the center when placed in a room. Power stones are helpful at creating a shield of energy in any particular area. They are great placed on your desk or on or around your healing room as they radiate energy in a bubble around them.
I particularly like power stones because they are a nice size and can be used in many different ways. I also like that they are not easily misplaced like the little stones can be! Power stones also look beautiful sitting on the shelf. To me a size of a stone is not the most important thing about the stone, but since power stones tend to be larger they have a very amplified energy to them and when I charge one with Reiki it just seems to pour out from the stone in an almost palatable way. 

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