Friday, December 5, 2008

Rocks And Reiki

Welcome to my blog for my website Rocks and Reiki... I will be posting all sorts of articles here about crystals, minerals and rocks and their healing and metaphysical properties and uses.

If you like that sort of stuff, please feel free to become one of my followers... I will post articles every weekend here, maybe once during the week also but at least once on the weekend there will be a new article about crystals here :)

Namaste, Starlene Breiter


Charmed said...

Wow, what a great idea. A place where we can discuss crystals. I can never get enough of those beautiful and powerful things. Thanks for another great page.

Starlene said...

Thanks Charmed! I think its a great idea too!!!
((crystal hugs)) Starlene

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Welcome to my blog about crystals, rocks and how to use them. This is a place that you can get tips, tricks and ideas about how to use your crystals as well as what they mean in your life. I am always looking to expand my own knowlege of crystals and learn from them and this blog is all about that!

So Enjoy and thanks for taking a peek!

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Namaste, Starlene