Saturday, March 7, 2009

Crystal Shapes - Pyramids

Crystal Pyramids can focus energy in a tight beam through the apex of the pyramid. You can use this pyramid energy beam to charge other crystals, objects or people and also to preserve objects.

Pyramids are helpful at deflecting negative energies. You can place a pyramid in a room to help shield the area with a vibrant energy. The type of gemstone or crystal that a pyramid is made out of will reflect the type of shield that it gives off, for a heart centered stone it will radiate that heart energy, for a grounding stone it will radiate grounding energy etc. Clear quartz pyramids can be programmed for any type of shield.

Pyramids can also be used in healing practice, they help to unblock and replenish slow and closed off chakras, replacing the negative energy with a vibrant flow of energy to the chakra.

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~Rock on, Starlene

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