Saturday, November 7, 2009

How to Make a Crystal Elixir

Crystal Elixirs

This article will explain what crystal elixirs are and how to safely make a crystal elixir with any stone!

Crystal elixirs are good when you want to absorb the energy of the crystal into your physical body. They are helpful at restoring the emotional, physical and spiritual bodies helping you obtain new levels of consciousness. Crystal elixirs help attune the physical body with the spiritual realms. By making a crystal elixir and then rubbing it onto your body or even drinking it, you can connect more fully with the energy of the crystals used to make the elixir.

Elixirs prepared in this way, are easy to make and requireonly very basic equipment. All you need to make a crystal elixir is a glass bowl (or two), distilled water, a patch of sunlight (or moonlight) and your crystal or crystals.

First set your intention of the elixir, for instance, I want to make an elixir to help me heal something on my body. I can choose a crystal that helps reduce pain or swelling or I also like to use quartz crystals if I cannot think of a certain stone for the purpose that I want it. Quartz can be programmed to do whatever you want it to do so that is a good one to choose. You can use any type of crystal or gemstone though.If you are using a gemstone other then quartz, you must do some research and figure out if that crystal is poisonous or not.

If it is one of the poisonous crystals that you cannot consume (like malachite, azurite,vanadinite, galena) or a type of crystal that shouldn't be in water (like selenite) then you can use the indirect method to make your elixir. By using the indirect method of making an elixir you simply place a smaller glass that has only the gemstone in it, inside the larger glass with the water that you are charging to be the elixir.
If you are using quartz or another stone that you know is safe to consume, you can just put the stone in the glass with water and put it in the sun/moonlight for however long you wish.

Creating an elixir can be done creatively, you can add herbs or essential oils to them too, just be sure that if you consume them or put them on your body that everything you use in the elixir is non-poisonous!

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